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Funny Farm, Cowgirl and Redneck Fails Compilation | FailArmy

Dislike0 Published on5 Apr 2016

I hope you guys enjoyed the Win Compilation last week. We may try to do them a bit more often, or maybe keep it to a couple of times a year. This week we go back to basics with some of the funniest farm, redneck, mechanical bull fails submitted to us over the last few months. Let us know your thoughts down below, submit your fails at and Salute!

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Original Links:
Equestrian Rider Falls Off Horse
Milking It
Horse Fail
Equestrian Bucked Off Horse
Kid Tries to Ride Sheep and Falls Off
Woman Faceplants after Being Thrown off Mechanical Bull
Goat Tries to Jump High but Can't
Girl Fails at Jumping Horse Hurdle
Girl Keeps Falling Off Horse
Little Girl Flies off Pumpkin Ride
Guy Falls off Mat after Riding Mechanical Bull
Bull Rider Flipped After Falling Off Bull
Baby Duck Jumps onto Girl
Girl Falls While Trying To Climb On Horse
Tug of War
Cow on Field
Dog Rides Horse
Barn Support Fail
Baby Knocked Over by Goat
Rooster go crazy
Cows Start Mating During Country Parade
Silo Destruction
Equestrian Falls off Horse during Jump
Horse Making Funny Spitting Noise
Farm Backflip Faceplant
Girl Gets Thrown from Horse
Man on Rope Swing Crashes into Excavator
Moccasin go crazy Part 2
Jumping Girl Faceplants into Hay Bale
Girl Almost Dies Falling Off Horse
Alpaca Spits at Camerawoman
Mechanical Bull Face Plant
Girl Duo Ride Mechanical Bull
Mechanical Bull Rider Smacks Head on Bull
Two Girls Ride Mechanical Bull Together
Woman Immediately Flips Over Front of Mechanical Bull
Rooster Clip